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Table 2 Subgroup analyses of overall survival

From: Prophylactic cranial irradiation in small cell lung cancer: a systematic review and meta-analysis

Subgroups N studies Pooled HR 95% CI P value (Heterogeneity between subgroups)
Brain imaging after initial CRT 4 0.94 0.74–1.18 0.0005
No brain imaging after initial CRT 3 0.70 0.57–0.85
Limited stage 5 0.82 0.71–0.94 0.67
Extensive stage 6 0.76 0.55–1.04
Any response to initial CRT 3 0.85 0.73–0.99 0.76
Complete response to initial CRT 4 0.80 0.52–1.22
  1. HR hazard radio, CRT chemoradiotherapy, CI confidence interval, N number
  2. Note: this table includes 5 limited stage studies and 6 extensive stage studies, because some trials included in this meta-analysis enrolled both limited and extensive stage small-cell lung cancer and we identified the HR values and pooled them with the individual subgroups