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Table 1 List of up-regulated genes enriched in the four core molecular pathways

From: Prognostic signature associated with radioresistance in head and neck cancer via transcriptomic and bioinformatic analyses

KEGG pathway name Gene list
Focal adhesion FLNA, FLNBa, GSK3B, IGF1Ra, ITGA6a, ITGB1a, ITGB4a, LAMA3a, LAMC2a, MYL9a, VEGFAa
PI3K-Akt signaling pathway DDIT4a, GNG4, EFNA1, FGFR3, GSK3B, IGF1Ra, ITGA6a, ITGB1a, ITGB4a, IL6a, LAMA3a, LAMC2a, SGK1a, VEGFAa
HIF-1 signaling pathway ENO2a, IGF1Ra, IL6a, SLC2A1a, VEGFAa
Pluripotency of stem cells FGFR3, FZD10a, GSK3B, IGF1Ra, JARID2a
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