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Table 1 An overview of all measurements and timing of the COBRA mixed method study

From: A longitudinal mixed methods study on changes in body weight, body composition, and lifestyle in breast cancer patients during chemotherapy and in a comparison group of women without cancer: study protocol

  Time Quantitative measurements
General questionnaire
Body composition, body weight, muscle strength
Energy intake (FFQ) and taste and smell
Physical activity2
Quality of life, fatigue, depressive symptoms
Quantitative measurements
Energy intake taste and smell, 24 h recall1,
Qualitative measurements
Interviews *
Qualitative measurements
focus group meetings**
Women with early breast cancer n = 200 T1 pre CT x   X (n = 25)  
T2 mid-way CT   x x  
T3 post CT x   x  
T4 6 months post CT x   x  
T5 1 yr. post CT     x
Women without breast cancer Comparison group n = 200 T1 inclusion x   X (n = 15)  
T2 after 3 months   x   
T3 after 6 months x    
T4 after 12 months x   x  
  1. 1at two randomly chosen days during CT
  2. 2accelerometer recordings over a 7 days period
  3. *in a sample of participants (see text for a further description of details)
  4. **focus groups with interviewed and non-interviewed participants
    figure a