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Table 1 Characteristics of included studies: androgenic alopecia and TGCT risk

From: Association between male pattern baldness and testicular germ cell tumor: a meta-analysis

Study Country Year Type of study Sample Association with TGCT, OR[95%]
Cases Controls Any baldness
Lee Korea 2018 case-control 188 668,614 0.87[0.59,1.31]
Moirano USA 2016 case-control 253 455 0.64[0.45,0.91]
Trabert USA 2011 case-control 187 148 0.50[0.32,0.77]
Farzana Italy 2002 case-control 159 136 0.51[0.32,0.82]
Petridou Greece 1997 case-control 97 198 0.45[0.26,0.77]
  1. In this table, Abbreviation: TGCT Testicular germ cell tumor, OR Odd rate, All the literature studies are case-control studies, and each study has corresponding OR values and confidence intervals. Lee’s study has the largest population and the largest OR values