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Table 4 A remodified Version of Revised Tokuhashi Score System

From: Prognostic effect of factors involved in revised Tokuhashi score system for patients with spinal metastases: a systematic review and Meta-analysis

Factors Score
General condition (Karnofsky Performance Status, KPS)a
 Poor and moderate (KPS 10–70) 0
 Good (KPS 80–100) 2
Extraspinal bone metastases
 ≥3 0
 1–2 1
 0 2
No. of metastases in the vertebral bodyb
 ≥2 0
 1 2
Metastases to the major internal organs
 Unremovable 0
 Removable 1
 No metastases 2
Primary site of the cancer
 Lung, osteosarcoma, stomach, bladder, esophagus, pancreas 0
 Liver, gallbladder, unidentified 1
 Others 2
 Kidney, uterus 3
 Rectum 4
 Thyroid, breast, prostate, carcinoid tumor 5
Neurological Status
 Complete (Frankel A, B) 0
 Incomplete (Frankel C, D) 1
 None (Frankel E) 2
  1. Note: This remodified version of RTS was raised according to results in the meta-analyses and remodifications on the cut-off of KPS (a) and number of involved vertebrae (b) were conducted for the scoring system. The patients with KPS 10–40/ 50–70 and patients with single/double involved vertebrae were merged together