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Table 1 Clinical, morphological and functional characteristics of the isolated tumor cell lines

From: Isolation and characterization of two canine melanoma cell lines: new models for comparative oncology

Dog Tumor Cell line
Breed Age Sex Primary site WHO stage Clinical stage Histologic Pattern Distant Metastasis Name Origin Number of passages PDT (h)
Yorkshire Terrier: Dog_1 14 Female Mucosal T2N1M0 III Polygonal cells No Ocr_OCMM1X Oral CMM 36 59,9 ± 6
        Ocr_OCMM1X passage 1   25 41,8 ± 8
German Sheprherd: Dog_2 11 Female Gingival T2N1M1 IV Spindle and Polygonal Cells Yes Ocr_OCMM2 primary Oral CMM 20 75,1 ± 8
        Ocr_OCMM2X   38 61,6 ± 4
  1. LN Lymph Node, TNM Tumor Node Metastasis, PDT population doubling times