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Table 2 The unique mutations in the primary tumor tissue

From: Genomic alterations in gastric cancers discovered via whole-exome sequencing

Sample ID Gene Mutation NM ID Base changes AA changes Domain VAF N in Cosmic(tissue)
P2_S BRAF frameshift insertion NM_004333 c.1208dupC p.P403fs 0.26 1 (Endometrioid carcinoma)
P2_S CD276 nonsynonymous SNV NM_001024736 c.C479T p.T160 M CD80-like_ immunoglobulin C2-set 0.149
P2_S CUL3 nonsynonymous SNV NM_003590 c.G1091A p.R364H Cullin repeat-like-containing domain 0.102 1 (Kidney)
P2_S EPHA7 nonsynonymous SNV NM_004440 c.T1056G p.S352R Fibronectin type III 0.11
P2_S NKX2–2 nonsynonymous SNV NM_002509 c.C413T p.A138V Homeobox domain 0.163 1 (Stomach)
P3_S SMAD4 nonsynonymous SNV NM_005359 c.G1082C p.R361P SMAD domain_ Dwarfin-type 0.166 1 (Stomach)
P1_S STAT6 nonsynonymous SNV NM_003153 c.C1210A p.Q404K STAT transcription factor_ DNA-binding 0.118
  1. P1~P5 patient ID, VAF Variant Allele Frequency, AA amino acid, N in Cosmic(tissue), The results come from Cosmic website