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Table 2 Sample Questions of the post intervention semi-structured interviews with participants

From: A process and mechanism of action evaluation of the effect of early and intensive nutrition care, delivered via telephone or mobile application, on quality of life in people with upper gastrointestinal cancer: a study protocol

Questions Logic
As someone who has cancer, what is it like for you managing your nutrition? Living with cancer
Tell me about the experience you had as a participant in this study.
- Did it meet your nutritional needs?
Relevance to the patient
What was it like for you being contacted by the dietitian frequently?
- Tell me what was challenging?
- Would you change anything (throw something out, add something in?)
- What did you like?
- (iPad group) what was it like learning a new App?
Self-management practice
Tell me what is was like communicating with a health profession using the phone (or iPad)?
- What helped or hindered communication between you and the dietitian?
- What would have made this experience better for you?
- Describe any challenges you had communicating with the dietitian
- What do you need to facilitate communication?
- What could we have improved the way we delivered the nutrition to you?
If you could design this service, what would be the key features of the service?
- Tell me about the scheduling of the consultations
- How important is flexibility?
- What could we have done to support you better?
Unmet care needs
What motivated you to take part in this study? Motivation
Is there anything else you’d like to tell me about that relates to your experience throughout the intervention? Overall experience
What role did your family play in your nutrition care during the study period? Social influences
Did you contact the dietitian as often as you wanted to?
- What motivated or stopped you from using the app?
Did you have any problems using the app or contacting the dietitian?
- If you had problems, what were they?
- How did you solve the problem?
Technical Problems
Did any of your family members help you with the app or dietetic consultations?
- How important was it to you to be able to involve someone else in this service?
- Would they like to share with me their experience of the intervention?
Family/Carer engagement