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Table 1 Study quality assessment for controlled trials using the Cochrane Collaboration’s Tool

From: The feasibility, acceptability and outcomes of exergaming among individuals with cancer: a systematic review

Author (Date) Selection bias Allocation Concealment Performance bias Detection bias Attrition bias Reporting bias Other
Sajid, et al. [46] Low - Participants were randomised into one of three groups Unclear - Randomisation concealment not specified Low - Blinding of participants not possible. Investigators blinded Low - Investigators, study statistician and data managers were blinded throughout. Unclear - Not all outcome data was reported (6MWT) Unclear - No reporting of one variable (6MWT) Details regarding Wii intervention are vague and lack detail
Yoon, et al. [20] Unclear - Stratified random sampling used Unclear - Concealment unspecified Unclear - Blinding of participants not specified Low - Evaluation performed by a blinded occupation therapist Low - No missing outcome data. Low - All outcomes reported and discussed sufficiently.