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Fig. 4

From: TRPM7 overexpression enhances the cancer stem cell-like and metastatic phenotypes of lung cancer through modulation of the Hsp90α/uPA/MMP2 signaling pathway

Fig. 4

TRPM7 regulates the CSCs activities of lung cancer cells by modulating the Hsp90α/uPA/MMP2 signaling pathway. a Representative RT-PCR ananylsis showing upregulated TRPM7, SOX2, CD133, KLF4, HSP90α, uPA, and MMP2 in 95D tumorspheres, compared to parental 95D cells. b Photo images showing shTRPM7 clones lost ability to form tumorspheres in comparison to the control 95D cells, upper panel; TRPM7, HSP90α, uPA, and MMP2 mRNA expression is significantly downregulated in the tumorspheres derived from shTRPM7 clones, lower panel. c Immunoflorescence staining showing shTRPM7 95D tumorspheres were significantly smaller, compared to the control 95D tumorspheres. d Identification of side population (SP) cells from the control or shTRPM7 95D cells. SP cells were sorted by flow cytometry using Hoechst red and blue from 95D cells with or without verapamil pretreatment for 30 min. GAPDH served as loading control. * p < 0.05, ** p < 0.01, *** p < 0.001

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