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Table 1 Patient, tumor, treatment characteristics, outcomes

From: A pilot study of stereotactic body radiation therapy (SBRT) after surgery for stage III non-small cell lung cancer

Patient No. Clinical TNM Pathologic TNM TEMLA Positive Stations (# positive/total) PTV Recurrence Alive
1 T3 N2 M0 N2 4R(3/13) 53.35 N N
2 T3 N2 M0 T3 N2 4R(11/14) 10R(1/4) 170.21 Y (SCV LN s/p RT, currently NED) Y
3 T2aN2 M0 ypT2bN2 4 L(1/11) 47 Y (Brain s/p RT, currently NED) Y
4 T1N3M0 ypT1bN3 4R(7/7) 5(1/1) 6(3/3) 7(1/1) 166 Y (liver) N
5 T1aN3M0 T1aN3 4R(2/3) 52.2 N Y
6 T2N3M0 T4 N3 4R(4/4) 4 L(1/1) 7(1/1) 10R(2/2) 11R(1/1) 154.75 Y (SCV LN s/p RT) N
7 T2N3M0 ypT2aN2 5(2/2) 10 L(3/5) 89.19 Y (Brain s/p RT, currently NED) Y
8 T1bN2 M0 ypT2aN2 7(2/9) 56.16 Y (pleural effusion) N
9 T1aN2 M0 ypT1aN2 4 L(1/1) 11 L(3/8) 33.14 N Y
10 T2aN2 M0 ypT1bN2 2R(2/2) 4R(5/6) 7(2/3) 9R(1/1) 10R(2/4) 11R(1/1) 94.2 Y (liver and brain; ALK-mutant) Y
  1. Patient 1 received SBRT to the primary tumor
  2. All received 10 Gy to the positive nodal areas
  3. All patients except 1,2 had adenocarcinoma
  4. All patients except 2, 5, 6 received neoadjuvant chemotherapy
  5. All patients except 3 received adjuvant chemotherapy
  6. M male, F female, PTV = Planning Target Volume in cubic centimeters, SCV supraclavicular, s/p status post, RT radiation therapy, NED no evidence of disease