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Fig. 1

From: Upregulation of FOXM1 leads to diminished drug sensitivity in myeloma

Fig. 1

FOXM1 message levels in paired samples of new and relapsed myeloma. a FOXM1 message is elevated in relapsed myeloma in UAMS datasets. Shown are box plots of FOXM1 mRNA levels from Total Therapy 2 (TT2) and Total Therapy 3 (TT3) datasets. For each dataset, FOXM1 expression at baseline in newly diagnosed disease (ND) is compared to relapsed disease (R). Median FOXM1 expression is indicated by a black horizontal line within the box. The 25th and 75th percentiles are indicated by lower and upper horizontal lines, respectively. Number of patients and median FOXM1 expression are given at the bottom. Statistical comparisons relied on the Mann-Whitney test. b Dot plot of paired ND and R myelomas (n = 88) from the TT2 / GSE2658 dataset. Dots above (n = 61) and below (n = 20) the black horizontal line indicate up- and down-regulation of FOXM1 at relapse, respectively. Dots on that line (n = 7) represent patients with no change. Four R myelomas featuring a more than 20-fold elevation of gene message and five R myelomas exhibiting a more than 6-fold drop in gene expression are denoted by red and blue ellipse, respectively. These cases are also singled out in panels D and F, respectively. c Source of elevated FOXM1 at relapse. Shown is the breakdown of 61 myelomas with heightened levels of FOXM1 at relapse in two groups distinguished by lower (left) and higher (right) baseline expression. d Outliers with peak expression levels at relapse. Four myelomas exhibiting increases by more than 20-fold are indicated by black ellipse. e Source of decreased FOXM1 at relapse. Shown is the breakdown of 20 myelomas with reduced FOXM1 expression at relapse in two groups distinguished by lower (left) and higher (right) baseline expression values. f Outliers with steep drops in gene expression at relapse. Five myelomas exhibiting decreases by more than 6-fold are indicated by black ellipse

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