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Table 4 Illustrates the variation in methods used to record performance status, co-morbidity and quality of life

From: Achieving Thoracic Oncology data collection in Europe: a precursor study in 35 Countries

  Performance status Co-morbidity Quality of Life (QOL)
ECOG/WHO Karnofsky Charlson ACE 27 Specific Other EORTC FACT-G SF-36 FACIT Other
Albania Yes Yes    Yes       None
Austria Yes      Research      Research
Belgium Yes   Yes     Yes*     
B & H Yes   Yes     Yes     
Bulgaria Yes Yes**    Yes   Yes*     
Croatia Yes Yes    Yes       None
Czech Rep Yes      None Yes Yes    
Denmark Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes     EORTC LC13
Eng & Wales Yes   Yes Yes No*   Yes*   Yes*   
Estonia Yes* Yes*     None      None
Finland Yes Yes**    Yes       Research
France Yes   Yes     Yes     
Germany Yes Yes Yes*     Yes*     
Greece Yes Yes Yes* Yes* Yes*   Yes* Yes* Yes* Yes*  
Hungary Yes Yes     None      
Iceland Yes     Yes   Yes*     
Rep. Ireland Yes      None Yes*   Yes*   
Italy Yes Yes    Yes   Yes     
Lithuania Yes      None      None
Luxembourg Yes   Yes         None
Malta Yes Yes    Yes   Yes     
Moldova   Yes     None    Yes   
Netherlands Yes   Yes     Yes*     
Norway Yes   Yes*     Yes Yes** Yes** Yes**  
Poland Yes     Yes   Yes     
Portugal Yes Yes** Yes     Yes*     
Romania Yes      None      None
Scotland Yes      SLCFCSS Yes*     
Rep. Serbia Yes     Yes**   Yes**     
Slovakia Yes Yes    Yes   Yes*     
Slovenia Yes     Yes       None
Spain Yes     Yes       None
Sweden Yes      No** Yes     
Switzerland   Yes Yes         Variation
Turkey Yes Yes     None Yes* Yes*    
  1. Legend: Charlson = Charlson Index [9]
  2. ACE 27 Adult Co-morbidity Evaluation score [10], SLCFCSS Scottish Lung Cancer Forum Co-morbidity Scoring System [45], Specific specific co-morbid diseases are recorded, EORTC QLQ-C30 European Organisation for Research and Treatment of Cancer Quality of Life Questionnaire [46], FACT-G Functional Assessment Cancer Therapy-General [47], SF-36 Short Form-36 [48], FACIT Functional Assessment Chronic Illness Therapy [49]
  3. Yes* = research/clinical trials only
  4. Yes** = infrequently
  5. No* = no longer used
  6. No** = Co-morbidity recorded only if it prevented planned treatment