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Table 1 Underlying causes of death and their ICD-10 codes

From: Long-term mortality among women with epithelial ovarian cancer: a population-based study in British Columbia, Canada

Causes of Death ICD-10 codes
Ovarian cancer or ovarian cancer related C510-C58
Breast cancer C500-C509
Colorectal cancer C180-C218
Other cancer Lung: C33, C340-C349, C384, C450;
GI: C150-C179, C220-C269;
Blood lymph: C810-C969, C463;
Other malignancy: C000-C148, C300-C449, C451-C462, C467-C499, -C609, C620-C768, C5091, C80;
Non malignant and unspecified: D000-D489
Cardiovascular Rheumatic/Valvular: I050-I099, I340-I38;
Hypertension: I10-I159; Ischemic: I200-I259;
Conductive & Dysrhythmic: I440-I499; heart failure: I500-I509;
Congenital: Q200-Q249; Pulmonary: I260-I289;
Cardiomyopathy: I420-I429; Unspecified: I312-I318, I510-I513, I515-I519
Other chronic Diabetes: E100-E149;
COPD: J440-J449
AIDS/HIV: B200-B24;
Pneumonia: J120-J181, J188-J189
Other infectious and parasitic disease: A000-B199, B250-B999, U049;
Asthma: J450-J459, J46;
Cerebro and other vascular disease: I600-I698, I700-I879, I950-I959, I880-I899;
Liver disease:K700-K7699;
Pulmonary fibrosis: J841;
ALS/MS: G122, G1221, G35;
Lung disease due to external agents: J60-J709
External causes of death Motor vehicle accidents (MVA): V020-V049, V090-V099, V120-V149,
V190-V196, V200-V799, V803-V805, V820-V821, V823-V839, V840-V878,
V880-V888, V8900-V8909,V8920-V8929, V8990-V8999, Y850
Poisoning: X40-X49
Falls: W00-W19
Suicide: X60-X84, Y870
Other external:Y10-Y369, Y890-Y899
Other unintentional injuries:, V010, V019, V050-V069, V091, V099, V100-V119, V150-V189, V198-V199, V250-V259, V350-V359, V450-V459, V550-V559, V650-V659, V750-V759, V800-V802, V806-V819, V822, V879, V889, V910-V919, V930-V949, V950-V978, V98-V99, W20-W64, W75-W99, X20-X39, X50-X59, Y40-Y849, Y859, Y86, Y880-Y883
Unclassified cause of death Codes that did not meet criterion above