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Fig. 1

From: Analysis of oncogenic activities of protein kinase D1 in head and neck squamous cell carcinoma

Fig. 1

Levels of PKD proteins and transcripts in HNSCC cell lines and analysis of PKD1 expression in normal and malignant human head and neck tissues. a PKD expression in normal (Het1A) and malignant head and neck cancer cell lines. Cells were cultured under standard conditions. Cell lysates were subjected to Western blotting for PKD1–3 and GAPDH. The experiment was repeated at least three times and a representative image is shown. b PKD mRNA levels in HNSCC cells. PKD transcript levels were determined by quantitative real time RT-PCR analysis, GAPDH was measured as control. Each experiment was repeated three times and representative data are shown. c Expression of PKD1 in sporadic head and neck tissue specimens, including 124 cases of head and neck tumor samples and 18 normal or 56 adjacent normal samples. Left, representative images of IHC staining of PKD1 in normal and tumor tissue. Negative control, no primary antibody added. Magnification, 200x. Right, total score of PKD1 expression. A final PKD1 expression score was calculated by multiplying the scores for intensity and frequency of PKD1 staining in a given tissue specimen. d Summary of PKD1 expression in 107 primary tumors and 16 metastases (15 Lymph nodes and 1 liver). Statistics was performed using SPSS. *, p < 0.05

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