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Table 1 Five case reports of lung squamous cell carcinoma with intraocular metastasis

From: Lung squamous cell carcinoma with solitary ocular metastasis and its successful treatment with thoracic surgery and chemotherapy: an interesting and rare case report

Age/s Sex Lung cancer location Ocular involvement Tumor location Symptom Ocular symptoms are the initial symptoms Other metastatic sites Systemic treatment/Response Ocular treatment/Response OS (months) First author/Year Thoracic operation managed by MDT
52/M Left upper lobe Retina LE&RE Decreased visual acuity Y Brain, meninges, lymph nodes, liver, adrenal glands, spleen, kidney, lungs, heart NA NA 2 Ronald Klein/1977 N N
72/F Right lower lobe Iris LE Ocular pain, blurred vision N Brain Chemo (vindesine, cisplatin)/PR Radio /CR 6.3 Akio Hiraki/1998 N N
46/M Right upper lobe Choroid LE Reduction in vision with concomitant blurriness Y Adrenal, brain, bone Chemo/NA Radio/NA NA Christos Asteriou/2010 N N
35/F Right upper lobe Choroid LE Pain, blurred vision Y None Chemo(paclitaxel, cisplatin)/NA Radio/SD NA Archana Prathipati/2016 N N
54/M NA Retina LE Blurred vision N Brain Chemo(paclitaxel, carboplatin)/PR; Chemo(docetaxel, carboplatin )/PR None NA (follow-up 9 months) Ozgur Yalcinbayir/2017 N N