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Table 3 Education Topics

From: Protocol for a phase III RCT and economic analysis of two exercise delivery methods in men with PC on ADT

Education Topics Key Points
 1) Introduction to Exercise Benefits of Physical Activity
Program targets 3 areas of PA (aerobic, resistance, and flexibility)
PA is safe, feasible and has shown to provide benefits
 2) Goal Setting Goal setting will assist with your dedication and motivation to complete the exercises
SMART Goals - Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Timely
Use the goal worksheet in the manual
Make long term and short term goals
 3) Behavior Change The plan you set out may not be followed 100%
Anticipate obstacles that may come as you are changing a behaviour and develop strategies for dealing with it before it arises.
Monitor your progress, Reward yourself, Visualize your success
 4) Planning for Barriers Biggest perceived obstacles
Lack of time, self-discipline, partner and ability
Plan ahead for periods of inactivity
 5) Social Support You are more likely to be successful if your family, friends and even co-workers are supportive of you
Social support can occur in many forms – encouragement, completing activities with you, etc.
 6) Monitoring Behavior Mix up your activities to stay motivated
Try something new, or something you have done prev.
It is very easy to enter an exercise rut
 7) Maintaining Motivation Greatest source of motivation: Fun/enjoyment/stimulation, feeling of accomplishment, pleasure of learning and benefits (i.e. improved sleeping)
Pursue something that you enjoy, that is convenient to your schedule.
Take opportunities to be active
 8) Personal Control Believing that you are in control of your own life give you reinforced motivation and further commitment to make changes
 9) Self- Discipline, Reward & Attitude Self-discipline can result in increased productivity, improved self-esteem and confidence
Rewards – use workbook in manual
Attitudes toward change can determine whether you will be successful
 10) Adapting your Program Adapting your program – FITT principle
 11) Health and the Media Be mindful of the ‘Get fit quick’ media marketing – Healthy eating and regular PA will help maintain a long-term healthy lifestyle
 12) Lifelong Active Living Use some of the tips and tricks in the manual to assist with continuing your active life.
Change things up, work towards small goals, work with a friend, etc.