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Table 2 Exercise Program Details

From: Protocol for a phase III RCT and economic analysis of two exercise delivery methods in men with PC on ADT

  Group-Supervised Exercise Home-Based Exercise
Frequency of exercise 4–5 days per week (see also Delivery Location below)
Intensity AET: RPE of 11–14/20; HR of 60–70% of HRR RET: RPE of 11–14/20; 60–75% of 1RM ×  8–12 repetitions × 2–3 sets; 5 exercises/session alternating each day (10 different RET exercises in total)a
Session Duration Identical
Delivery Location of exercise
Facility-based 3 x/week Not applicable
Home-based 1–2 x/week 4–5 x/week
Trainer Presence Group Exercise Leader Unsupervised; remote support from health coach
  1. 1RM one-repetition maximum (maximum amount of weight that can be lifted), AET aerobic exercise training, HRR heart rate reserve, RPE Rating of perceived exertion, RET resistance exercise training
  2. aAll resistance exercises are conducted using body weight or resistance bands. A stability ball and yoga mat will also be available for use. RET exercises will target different major muscle groups delivered in two alternating programs. Day 1: Chest, upper back, shoulders, and arms. Day 2: Legs, gluteals, mid back, and core