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Table 2 Overview of themes and subthemes

From: Gut disruption impairs rehabilitation in patients curatively operated for pancreaticoduodenal cancer - a qualitative study

Themes and sub-themes Brief description of sub-themes Number of patients experiencing the sub-themes
Disrupted gut
The weakened body Patients suffered from a range of gastrointestinal symptoms which negatively affected their digestion and prevented them from being fully active and participating in everyday activities and social life. 12
Fighting cachexia Patients struggled to maintain or regain weight. They spent all their energy and time preparing and eating snacks. 10
Re-aligning to the altered body The patients experienced bodily changes that they were forced to get accustomed to. 12
Recovery work
The value of municipal rehabilitation programmes Patients worked hard to regain strength and acknowledged the municipal health care centres for helping them do so. 10
Reclaiming the sociality of meals Patients wanted to go out to restaurants and eat with friends; however, it was overwhelmingly burdensome to have to explain why they only could eat small portions or suddenly had to go to the toilet. 5
Going back to work Actively employed patients wanted to go back to work as this symbolised normality life as it was before. 8