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Table 3 Example of the provided content for the action stage

From: (Cost-)effectiveness of an internet-based physical activity support program (with and without physiotherapy counselling) on physical activity levels of breast and prostate cancer survivors: design of the PABLO trial

Stage 4 (action), content set 1
Component Targeted concept(s) (and processes of change) Stage appropriate strategy Application
Information: Physical activity after cancer Knowledge & attitudes Providing information on consequences of physical activity via a link, providing information on how to (start) be(ing) physically active via a link and providing information on how to stay physically active. Introduction text with picture.
Personal feedback on PA level of last week showed in graph and table.
Written stories/quotes, Two movies (advice of a physiotherapist and a personal testimonial of a survivor).
Assignment 1: Keep setting goals Goals & rewards (self-liberation, reinforcement management) Prompt trying out new activities, keep setting a goals and graded tasks, action planning and rewarding. Information, Tips/examples, assignment on goals stetting, including text boxes.
Assignment 2: A bad week Self-efficacy Relapse prevention. Information, Tips/examples, assignment on barriers and facilitators, including text boxes.
Assignment 3: Pros of being physically active Self-efficacy Prompt focus on past success including gained benefits, solution-focused questions. Testimonial of a survivor, tips/examples, assignment on successes, including text boxes.