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Fig. 6

From: The oncogene KRAS promotes cancer cell dissemination by stabilizing spheroid formation via the MEK pathway

Fig. 6

MEK inhibitor suppressed spheroid formation in ID8-KRAS mice in vivo. Mice were injected intraperitoneally with ID8-KRAS-GFP cells (1 × 106) and treated with the MEK inhibitor trametinib or the vehicle (control). Mice were sacrificed when their body weight exceeded 23 g after inoculation. a Amount of ascites was assessed at the time of sacrifice. A statistical analysis was performed with the Student’s t-test (* p < 0.05). b Mouse survival was monitored and survival rates were quantified (n = 10 mice per group). Kaplan-Meier analyses using the log-rank test were performed. c Representative microscopic image of cancer cells in ascites or peritoneal washes collected at the time of sacrifice at 40× magnification

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