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Table 4 Details of antibodies used in the IHC-protocols of the current study

From: Clinicopathological and prognostic correlations of HER3 expression and its degradation regulators, NEDD4–1 and NRDP1, in primary breast cancer

Antibody Host species Catalog No. Clonality Dilution Manufacturer/distributor
Anti-Human HER3 Mouse M7297 DAK-H3-IC 1:100 DAKO A/S, Glostrup, Denmark
FLRF/RNF41 Antibody Rabbit A300-049A polyclonal 1:3000 Bethyl Laboratories, Inc., Montgomery, Texas, USA
Anti-Nedd4, WW2 domain Rabbit #07–049 polyclonal 1:750 Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany
Cytokeratin 5 Antibody Mouse NCL-L-CK5 XM26 1:150 Leica Biosystems Newcastle Ltd., Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK
Cytokeratin 14 Antibody Mouse NCL-L-LL0022 LL0022 1:150 Leica Biosystems, Newcastle Ltd., Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK
Anti-human Ki67 Mouse BSH-7302 BS4 1:100 Nordic BioSite AB, Täby, Sweden