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Table 3 Organ at Risk Constraints

From: TROG 15.03 phase II clinical trial of Focal Ablative STereotactic Radiosurgery for Cancers of the Kidney - FASTRACK II



Dose / Fractionation



Spinal canal

Maximum dose

0.03 cc < 12Gy point dose

0.03 cc < 18Gy point dose

Skin (5 mm subcutis)

Maximum Dose (1.5 cc)

< 18Gy

< 30Gy

Small Bowel

Maximum Dose / Volume

0.03 cc <26Gy

5cc < 22.5Gy

Aim for <13Gy to full circumference of small bowel loop

0.03 cc < 30Gy

30cc ≤ 12.5Gy

Maximum dose covering full circumference of bowel wall



Large Bowel

Maximum Dose (1.5 cc)

ALARA, aim for <26Gy

ALARA, aim for <42Gy


Maximum Dose

Maximum Volume

1.5 cc < 15.4Gy

5 cc ≤ 22.5Gy

0.03 cc < 30 Gy

5 cc ≤ 22.5Gy


Mean dose, Maximum Volume

No constraint, but mean dose and dose to 700 cc to be documented

700 cc < 15Gy

Ipsilateral kidney minus ITV

Maximum Dose (1.5 cc), V10Gy

ALARA: Minimise volume of high dose regions (> 50% isodose)a

ALARA: Minimise volume of high dose regions (> 50% isodose)

Contralateral Kidney




  1. a Ipsilateral Kidney minus ITV should adhere to the ALARA principle. In particular, investigators should focus on minimising high dose regions (> 50% isodose) outside the ITV but within the ipsilateral kidney