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Fig. 6

From: Immune landscape and in vivo immunogenicity of NY-ESO-1 tumor antigen in advanced neuroblastoma patients

Fig. 6

Post-vaccine PBMCs contain cells releasing IFN-γ upon NY-ESO-1 peptide stimulation. Cells releasing IFN-γ in response to HIV or to NY-ESO-1 peptide were detected by Elispot assay in the NBL patient PBMCs collected pre-vaccine and at different time points during vaccination (Pt1 and Pt2, Vax3; Pt3, Vax8). PBMCs post-vaccine were also stimulated with the ACN-A2 cell line, a NBL cell line stably expressing the HLA-A*0201 molecules, in the absence (ACN-A2) or presence (ACN-A2/Ab) of the blocking anti-class I HLA-A, B and C immunoglobulin M antibody (clone A6/136). Results are reported in graph as the number of IFN-γ spots / 2 × 105 cells. The p value was calculated using Student’s t-tests. Only the significant p values are shown (* ≤ 0.05; ** < 0.01)

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