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Table 1 Patients characteristics

From: Low-dose trofosfamide plus rituximab is an effective and safe treatment for diffuse large B-cell lymphoma of the elderly: a single center experience

ID stage IPI risk PS extranodal involvement immunohistochemical expression LDH at diagnosis in U/l (Normal < 250 U/l)
1 II low 1 oropharynx, base of the tongue CD5, CD10, CD20, BCL2 122
2 III high 1 N CD10, CD20, CD30, BCL2, BCL6 369
3 II high-intermediate 3 N CD20, BCL2, BCL6, MUM1 718
4 I low-intermediate 2 stomach CD10, CD20, BCL6 184
5 IV high 1 left thoracic wall, gluteal muscles, left kidney, spleen, liver CD10, CD20, BCL2, BCL6, MUM1 312
6 III high-intermediate 2 bone marrow CD20, CD79a, BCL2, BCL6, MUM1 180
7 IV high-intermediate 2 os ileum, left sacroiliac joint, lumbar vertrebal body 5, brain CD10, CD20, CD79a, CD138, BCL2 196
8 IV high 2 skin, meninges, bone marrow CD20, BCL2 164
9 I low-intermediate 0 both mammary glands, left adrenal gland CD20, CD79a, BCL2, MUM1 150
10 IV low-intermediate 1 N CD20, BCL2 205
11 I low-intermediate 1 right tonsill CD10, CD20, BCL6 209
  1. IPI International Prognostic Index, PS performance status, N negative, CD cluster of differentiation, BCL B-cell lymphoma, MUM multiple myeloma oncogene, LDH lactate dehydrogenase