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Fig. 3

From: SoLAT (Sorafenib Lenvatinib alternating treatment): a new treatment protocol with alternating Sorafenib and Lenvatinib for refractory thyroid Cancer

Fig. 3

SoLAT prevents EMT through repression of β-catenin nuclear translocation in GSP2 and GSP3. a and c Immunofluorescence assay for nuclear translocation of β-catenin. Results confirmed that SoLAT inhibited nuclear translocation of β-catenin in the advanced PTC cells more potently than either agent alone. b and d Immunoblot analysis of EMT markers showed that most EMT markers such as vimentin, E-cadherin, Snail, and Zeb1 were inhibited by FGFR inhibition (p-ERK1/2) in the SoLAT group

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