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Fig. 6

From: Combination of lutetium-177 labelled anti-L1CAM antibody chCE7 with the clinically relevant protein kinase inhibitor MK1775: a novel combination against human ovarian carcinoma

Fig. 6

Therapeutic efficacy of anti-L1CAM lutetium-177 RIT in combination with MK1775 in nude mice bearing subcutaneous IGROV1 tumours. Tumour-bearing nude mice (n = 4–6) were treated with 6 MBq (50% MTA) 177Lu-DOTA-chCE7, 6 MBq 177Lu-DOTA isotype control mAb, combination of both radiolabelled antibodies with MK1775 (given on three consecutive days, starting 48 h after RIT), only MK1775 and only PBS. Tumour growth curves were stopped when the first tumour in a treatment group reached 1500 mm3. The dashed line represents a 2.5 increase in mean relative tumour volumes (± SD)

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