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Fig. 5

From: Combination of lutetium-177 labelled anti-L1CAM antibody chCE7 with the clinically relevant protein kinase inhibitor MK1775: a novel combination against human ovarian carcinoma

Fig. 5

yH2A.X expression in SKOV3ip xenografts. Mice either received (a) PBS (b) 2 MBq 177Lu-DOTA-chCE7, (c) 50 mg/kg MK1775 p.o. for 3 consecutive days, or (d) combined treatment of 177Lu-DOTA-chCE7 with 50 mg/kg MK1775 p.o. for 3 consecutive days started 48 h post RIT. 10-fold higher magnifications are shown for (e) control tumours and (f) combination therapy tumour samples. γH2A.X foci were counted and cells grouped depending on 1) no observed, 2) diffuse, 3) ≤ 5, 4) ≥ 6, or 5) non-distinguishable γH2A.X foci (intensively positive). (g) summarizes counts of yH2A.X expressing cells in percent of total cell count

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