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Table 1 Description of the supervised exercise program

From: Engaging the older cancer patient; Patient Activation through Counseling, Exercise and Mobilization – Pancreatic, Biliary tract and Lung cancer (PACE-Mobil-PBL) - study protocol of a randomized controlled trial

Duration of exercise program 12 weeks (24 sessions)
Duration of exercise sessions 60 min (10 min of warm-up, 45 min of PRT and 5 min of stretching)
Exercise frequency 2 times a week
Rest period between exercise sessions 2–5 days
Warm-up Exercises of light to moderate intensity with elements of balance and flexibility training (e.g. walking around in circles with changing directions, walking on toes and heels, floor touch, walking lunges, exercises on balance board)
Description of PRT exercises Chest press, abdominal crunch, leg press, leg curl (hamstrings), leg extension (quadriceps), lower back and low row
No. of repetitions (PRT) 15 RM (session 1–2), 12 RM (session 3–13), 10 RM (session 14–24)
No. of sets per session (PRT) 2 (session 1–6), 3 (session 7–24)
Rest period between sets (PRT) 60 s
  1. Abbreviations: No. (number), PRT progressive resistance training, RM repetition maximum