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Table 5 Evaluation of the predictive value of clinical factors and biomarkers for the treatment effect in terms of PFS

From: Prognostic and predictive factors for angiosarcoma patients receiving paclitaxel once weekly plus or minus bevacizumab: an ancillary study derived from a randomized clinical trial

Parameters p-value of the interaction term treatment arm x factora
Clinical characteristics
 Location 0.26
 Medical history 0.29
Baseline biomarkers
 Human FGF (pg/mL) 0.28
 PlGF (pg/mL) 0.57
 SCF sR/c-kit (ng/mL) 0.27
 sE-Selectin (ng/mL) 0.48
 TSP-1 (μg/mL) 0.06
 VEGF (ng/mL) 0.82
 VEGF-C (ng/mL) 0.77
Variation (D8-D1)
 Human FGF (pg/mL) 0.60
 PlGF (pg/mL) 0.67
 SCF sR/c-kit (ng/mL) 0.60
 sE-Selectin (ng/mL) 0.62
 TSP-1 (μg/mL) 0.28
 VEGF (ng/mL) 0.45
 VEGF-C (ng/mL) 0.93
  1. a P-value associated with better outcome when adding bevacizumab