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Fig. 3

From: MiR-126 in intestinal-type sinonasal adenocarcinomas: exosomal transfer of MiR-126 promotes anti-tumour responses

Fig. 3

MiR-126 affects glucose homeostasis and bioenergetic profile. MiR-126-transfected malignant nasal-septum carcinoma (MNSC-126) cells and their counterparts (parental MNSC cells) were evaluated for glucose uptake (a) using 2-NBDG (50 μM) in low-glucose DMEM, expressed as mean fluorescent intensity (MFI). Intracellular levels of glucose (b), ATP (c) and lactate (d) were evaluated in the presence of rotenone (20 μM, 5 h) or 2DG (5 mM, 5 h). The mitochondrial reducing activity (MRA) was evaluated by means of the resazurin assay (e). The data shown are mean values ± S.D. derived from three independent experiments. The symbol “*” indicates significant differences compared with control; the symbol “°” compared with parental cells

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