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Fig. 2

From: MiR-126 in intestinal-type sinonasal adenocarcinomas: exosomal transfer of MiR-126 promotes anti-tumour responses

Fig. 2

Epigenetic regulation of MiR-126 expression via changes in the methylation status of the host gene EGFL7 T2 promoter. a Methylation level of the EGFL7 promoter in biopsies of non-cancerous mucosa (M) and intestinal-type adenocarcinomas (ITACs). b Expression of EGFL7 in biopsies of normal mucosa (M) and Intestinal-type adenocarcinomas (ITACs). c EGFL7 gene (left-panel) and MiR-126 (right-panel) expression correlate with the methylation status of the EGFL7 T2 promoter. MiR-126 and EGFL7 expression was determined by qPCR and normalized to RNU6B RNA and G6PDH, respectively, in the clinical samples. d EGFL7 gene expression and MiR-126 levels in cancer tissues in relation to the methylation status of the EGFL7 T2 promoter. Methylation percentage was calculated using the bisulphite genomic sequencing results. *Mucosa versus ITACs, p < 0.05

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