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Fig. 2

From: EXclusion of non-Involved uterus from the Target Volume (EXIT-trial): an individualized treatment for locally advanced cervical cancer using modern radiotherapy and imaging techniques

Fig. 2

delineation of treatment volumes following state-of-the-art (a en b) en EXIT-trial (a en c). a delineation of elective lymph node areas are state-of-the-art and identical in standard treatment & the EXIT_trial. Clinical target volume (CTV) of the lymph nodes (lnn) = CTV_Lnn (yellow) = elective lnn areas (common, external and internal lnn, obturator and presacral region; inclusion of para-aortic lnn if any pelvic lnn are affected). Planning target volume (PTV) of the lnn (PTV_Lnn; blue) is created using an isotropic margin of 5 mm around the CTV_Lnn. b GTV of the primary tumor (GTV_prim = red): primary tumor delineated using T2 weighted MRI images (state of the art). CTV of the primary tumor (CTV_prim = blue): includes GTV_prim, whole uterus, non-affected parts of the cervix and parametria, upper vaginal 1/3 to ½ (minimal vaginal margin of 2 cm to the GTV_prim). PTV of the primary tumor (PTV_prim = purple): margin around the CTV_prim of 10 mm antero-posterior (AP); 5 mm left-right (LR) and 5 mm supero-inferior (SI)

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