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Fig. 4

From: Postoperative resveratrol administration improves prognosis of rat orthotopic glioblastomas

Fig. 4

Lumbar puncture administered resveratrol inhibited tumour growth and prolonged postoperative survival time. a Survival curves (Left) and diagram of rat survival number (Right) of the operated rats without (control) and with LP resveratrol treatment (LP). Animal number is 14 in both groups. b Rate of survival rats in LP group. c Rat weight as a function of time. d H&E demonstration of tumour sizes of two cases (case 1 and case 2) of the control and LP resveratrol-treated rats died during postoperative treatment. The tumour areas were calculated 3 times for statistical analysis. Circle indicates the tumour area with dense cancer cells and strong haematoxylin staining

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