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Fig. 1

From: Postoperative resveratrol administration improves prognosis of rat orthotopic glioblastomas

Fig. 1

Partial resection of rat orthotopic brain tumor. a The onset of intracranial hypertension as surgical indication. (1) The tumour-bearing rat with binocular protrusion and peripheral eye (a), nasal mucosal (b) and the bloody claw of the same rat (c) after 12–18 days of orthotopic transplantation. Arrows indicate the positions shown in higher magnification. (2) The gross image of an orthotopic tumour in rat brain. b Brief procedures of partial tumour resection. (1) The skull was opened at the cell transplantation site to expose the tumour. The arrow indicates the craniotomy area; (2) The tumour is ablated with electric rotator at a depth of 5 mm, and the tissue was removed by vacuum suction. (3) Top view of rat brain after operation

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