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Fig. 2

From: The ‘Be Cancer Alert Campaign’: protocol to evaluate a mass media campaign to raise awareness about breast and colorectal cancer in Malaysia

Fig. 2

Logic Model for the Be Cancer Alert Campaign. The Be Cancer Alert Campaign was instigated due to the high prevalence of CRC and BC and has been adapted to the current situation in Malaysia including the diverse population and socio-demographic differences. Informed by the success of the Be Cancer Aware campaign in Northern Ireland and the theoretical basis of the Health Belief Model, our priorities are to improve the perception of the susceptibility to, and seriousness of, cancer and to address the low awareness of signs and symptoms, particularly among people aged 40 and above. Close links with policy makers and NGOs increase the likelihood that the campaign is in line with government policy, well-informed and sustainable. Expected outcomes are an increase in uptake of screening and diagnostic activity due to improved knowledge and self-efficacy to detect early symptoms of cancer. Process and outcome evaluation in the form of self-reported as well as objective-measures will be used to demonstrate the impact of the campaign

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