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Table 3 Neuropsychological tests battery and questionnaires included in the PROSOM-K study, including outcomes measures

From: Impact of breast cancer on prospective memory functioning assessed by virtual reality and influence of sleep quality and hormonal therapy: PROSOM-K study

Domain assessed Assessments Outcome measures Range
Neuropsychological tests
Global functioning MOCA [26] Total number of correct responses 0–30
Mill Hill [27] Total number of correct responses 0–34
Episodic memory RL/RI-16 [28] Immediate free recall score 0–48
Immediate total recall score 0–48
Delayed free recall score 0–16
Delayed total recall score 0–16
Working memory Digit span forward and backward [29] Total number of correct trials forward 0–16
Total number of correct trials backward 0–16
Multimodal integration task [30] Total number of correct responses 0–20
Executive functions Zoo map test [31] Profile score 0–4
Stroop [32] interference–colour (time) ≥0 s
TMT [33] TMT B–TMT A (time) ≥0 s
Perseverative errors TMT B (number) ≥0
N-back [34] Total number of correct responses 0–48
Cognitive self-assessment Fact-Cog [35] PCI/PCA/QOL/Oth 0–72/0–28/0–16/0–16
PRMQ [36] Prospective score 8–40
Retrospective score 8–40
Anxiety STAI [39] State score 20–80
Trait score 20–80
Mood BfS/BfS’ [45] Total score / Total score 0–56 / 0–56
Depression BDI [40] Total score 0–39
Self-esteem QSR [38] Valence score 0–100%
Certainty score 0–100%
Quality of life FACT-G (patients) [37] Total score 0–108
Fatigue and somnolence VAS-F [43] Energy score / Fatigue score 0–50 / 0–130
KSS [44] Total score 1–9
MFI [41] General fatigue score 4–20
FACIT-F (patients) [42] Total score 0–52
Sleep Questionnaire of the past 24 h Sleep efficiency ([total sleep time – total time in bed] x100) 0–100%
PSQI [47] Total score 0–21
ISI [48] Total score 0–28
Circadian typology (Horne and Ostberg) Total score 16–86
Virtual reality discomfort Simulator sickness [46] Nausea score 0–27
Oculomotor score 0–21
  1. MOCA Montreal Cognitive Assessment, RL/RI-16 free recall / cued recall 16 items (French version of the Grober & Buschke procedure), TMT Trail Making Test, FACT-cog Functional Assessment of Cancer Therapy-Cognitive Function, PCI Perceived Cognitive Impairments, PCA Perceived Cognitive Abilities, QOL impact of PCI on Quality Of Life, Oth Others, PRMQ Prospective Retrospective Memory Questionnaire, STAI State-Trait Anxiety Inventory, BfS/BfS’ Befindlichkeits-Skala, BDI Beck Depression Inventory, QSR Questionnaire of Self-Representations, FACT-G Functional Assessment of Cancer Therapy-General, VAS-F Visual Analog Scale of Fatigue, KSS Karolinska Sleepiness Scale, MFI Multidimensional Fatigue Inventory, FACIT-F Functional Assessment of Chronic Illness Therapy – Fatigue scale, PSQI Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Index, ISI Insomnia Severity Index