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Table 2 Scoring of each intention of the PM task

From: Impact of breast cancer on prospective memory functioning assessed by virtual reality and influence of sleep quality and hormonal therapy: PROSOM-K study

1 point Intention is correctly recalled during the immediate cued recall [0–1]
  Prospective [0–2] Retrospective [0–2] Associative [0–2]
2 points Action realised at the first passage in front of the cue or at the right time Retrospective component is complete Prospective and retrospective components are recalled together
1 point Action realised at the second passage or at +/− 1 min Retrospective component is incomplete (one element is incorrect or forgotten)
0.5 point Action is realised at a subsequent passage or at +/− 2 min
0 point Action is not realised Retrospective component is not retrieved Prospective and retrospective components are not recalled together