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Table 4 In silico predictions for the significantly associated variants replicated in this study

From: Chemotherapy-induced peripheral neuropathy: evidence from genome-wide association studies and replication within multiple myeloma patients

Reference Locus SNP Annotated Gene
Annotated Gene
No. of
with r2 > 0.8
Promoter Histone Marks Enhancer Histone Marks DNAse Motifs changed eQTLhits RelevanteQTL tissue1(Correlatedgene) Relevant P-value of eQTL1 Relevant eQTL tissue2 (Correlated gene) Relevant P-value of eQTL2
Diouf 14q21.1 rs8014839 FBXO33 CTAGE5 3 8 tissues (Brain) 13 tissues (Brain) Skin, Liver, MUS, VAS 2 altered motifs 4 hits Blood (CTAGE5) 4.68 × 10−54 Blood (TRAPPC6B) 2.80 × 10−43
Diouf 4q28.1 rs4618330 INTU RP11-123G5.1 11   MUS   12 altered motifs   
Baldwin 3q27.3 rs1903216 BCL6 RP11-44H4.1 1 GI 5 tissues   5 altered motifs   
Diouf 3p14.2 rs35558909 FHIT FHIT 2   ESDR, Blood   6 altered motifs   
Diouf 3p21.1 rs4687753 IL17RB IL17RB 49 Breast ESDR, Blood, Brain   8 altered motifs 53 hits Tibial nerve (ACTR8) 1.78 × 10−12 Tibial nerve (CHDH) 1.06 × 10−7
Diouf 8q24.12 rs7817522 DEPTOR DEPTOR 11 IPSC, Fat, GI GI, Brain ESDR, MUS 1 altered motifs 5 hits Brain (DEPTOR) 8.06 × 10−6 Esophagus Muscularis (DEPTOR) 6.43 × 10− 7
Schneider 15q21.3 rs2062640 UNC13C UNC13C 23     
Diouf 2q33.3 rs11694118 LOC100507443 snoU13 27 STRM Placenta, Brain   1 altered motifs      
Diouf 5q23.2 rs6891783 ZNF608 CTD-2308B18.3 38 IPSC, Lung, Brain STRM, Fat, MUS, THYM Lung 2 altered motifs
  1. Functional annotations from the ENCODE based HaploReg v4.1 tool ( and eQTL analysis according to GTEx Portal (
  2. Chr Chromosome, SNP Single nucleotide polymorphism, LD Linkage disequilibrium, eQTL Expression quantitative trait loci, DNAse deoxyribonuclease, MUS Skletal muscle, VAS Vascular system, GI Gastro intestinal system, ESDR Embryonic stem cell derivatives, ESC Embryonic stem cells, IPSC Induced pluripotent stem cells, STRM Mesenchymal stem cell derived chondrocyte cultured cells