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Table 1 Characteristics of included studies

From: Influence of pre-transplant minimal residual disease on prognosis after Allo-SCT for patients with acute lymphoblastic leukemia: systematic review and meta-analysis

Author (year) Design No. of patients Age (year) Detection method Endpoint Source of HR Adjusted covariates Follow-up
Knechtli et al. (1998) Retrospective 64 1.3–17 PCR IG/TCR 2-year EFS Multivariate analysis Philadelphia chromosome positive, pre-BMT relapse Median: 35 months
Bader et al. (2002) Retrospective 41 1.5–17.8 PCR IG/TCR 5-year EFS KM curve NA Median: 5.75 years
Sramkova et al. (2007) Prospective 36 1.1–19 PCR IG/TCR 4-year EFS KM curve NA Median: 26 months
Spinelli et al. (2007) Prospective 37 18–63 PCR IG/TCR, or PCR fusion transcript 3-year CIR, 3-year OS KM curve NA Median: 23 months
Bader et al. (2009) Prospective 91 3–22.6 PCR IG/TCR 4-year CIR; 4-year EFS Multivariate analysis Sex, age at relapse, remission status, time point of relapse, immunophenotype, site of relapse, stem-cell donor, T-cell depletion, time to transplantation, GVHD, MRD load before stem-cell transplantation Median: 3.4 years
Elorza et al. (2010) Prospective 31 0.8–12 FC 2-year EFS KM curve NA Median: 9 months
Lankester et al. (2010) Prospective 48 Mean: 8 PCR IG/TCR 5-year CIR, 5-year EFS KM curve NA Median 61.5 months
Doney et al. (2011) Retrospective 161 18–62 FC 5-year CIR, 5-year RFS Multivariate analysis Disease status, year of transplantation, CMV serology mismatch NA
Bachanova et al. (2012) Prospective 86 1–63 FC 2-year CIR, 3-year DFS, 3-year OS Multivariate analysis Disease status, ALL subtype, sex, time from diagnosis to transplantation, CMV status Median 3.9 years
Ruggeri et al. (2012) Retrospective 170 < 1–17 PCR IG/TCR, or fusion transcripts 4-year CIR; 4-year LFS, 4-year OS, 4-year NRM Multivariate analysis Age, median year of transplant, cytogenetic risk group, TBI-based conditioning regimen, number of HLA disparities Median: 48 months
Mizuta et al. (2012) Prospective 100 15–64 PCR BCR-ABL 3-year CIR, 3-year OS, 3-year DFS, 3-year NRM Multivariate analysis Age, donor status, chromosome abnormality, stem-cell source, performance status, BCR-ABL subtype, WBC, CD20 Median: 31 months
Sanchez-Garcia et al. (2013) Retrospective 102 Mixed FC 5-year EFS, 5-year OS, 5-year RFS Multivariate analysis Age, disease status, stem-cell source, time from onset to HSCT, GVHD Median: 60.8 months
Balduzzi et al. (2014) Prospective 82 < 1–20 PCR IG/TCR 5-year CIR, 5-year EFS Multivariate analysis Disease status, donor type, HLA compatibility, GVHD Median 4.9 years
Gandemer et al. (2014) Prospective 122 ≤18 PCR IG/TCR 5-year CIR, DFS, OS Multivariate analysis Sex, antithymocyte globulins, CNS location, risk stratification Median: 34.8 months
Tucunduva et al. (2014) Retrospective 98 18–66 PCR or FC BCR-ABL 3-year CIR, 3-year LFS Multivariate analysis Age, sex, cytomegalovirus, disease status, transplantation method, conditioning, antithymocyte globulin, use of TKI, graft Median: 36 months
Logan et al. (2014) Retrospective 29 16–67 PCR DFS KM curve NA Minimum: 3 years
Zhou et al. (2014) Retrospective 149 18–70 FC 2-year OS, 2-year PFS Multivariate analysis Age, disease status, allotype, cell type NA
Bar et al. (2014) Retrospective 160 0.6–62 FC 3-year CIR, 3-year OS Univariate analysis None Median: 40.6 months
Bader et al. (2015) Prospective 113 0–18 PCR IG/TCR 3-year CIR, 3-year EFS, 3-year NRM Multivariate analysis Disease status, immunophenotype, time of relapse, T-cell depletion Range: 3.4–6.5 years
Sutton et al. (2015) Prospective 81 < 18 PCR IG/TCR 5-year CIR, 5-year LFS, 5-year OS Multivariate analysis Sex, age, T-ALL, BCR-ABL1, hyperdiploidy > 50 or ETV6-RUNX1, BCP-other, IKZF1 mutation status, CR > 1, MSD, cord blood donor, mitoxantrone chemotherapy, TBI CY TT conditioning, in vitro T-cell depletion, ATG, GVHD Median: 4.8 years
Dh’edin et al. (2016) Prospective 522 15–55 PCR IG/TCR 3-year RFS, 3-year OS KM curve NA Median: 3.5 years
  1. ALL Acute lymphoblastic leukemia, BMT Bone marrow transplantation, CIR Cumulative incidence of relapse, CNS Central nervous system, DFS Disease-free survival, EFS Event-free survival, FC Flow cytometry, GVHD Graft-versus-host disease, HR hazard ratio, IG Immunoglobulin genes, MRD Minimal residual disease, MSD Matched sibling donor, NRM non-relapse mortality, OS Overall survival, RFS Relapse-free survival, TBI total body irradiation, TCR T-cell receptor genes, TKI Tyrosine-kinase inhibitor