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Table 1 IC-50 and genetic rearrangements for AML cell lines tested

From: BET Bromodomain inhibition promotes De-repression of TXNIP and activation of ASK1-MAPK pathway in acute myeloid leukemia

Genetic rearrangement Cell lines IC50 (nM)
t (4;11) (q21; q23) MOLM-14 45
t (8;21) (q22; q22) Kasumi-1 222
t (4;11) (q21; q23) MV4-11 245
hypodiploid OCI-AML3 260
hypodiploid OCI-AML2 309
t (10;11) (p12; q14) U937 569
hypodiploid KG1a 628
t (15;17) (q22; q12) NB4 710
hypodiploid KG1 775
hypodiploid HL-60 1222