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Table 1 Antibodies used in this study including clone, dilution, and pretreatment

From: Bulk tumour cell migration in lung carcinomas might be more common than epithelial-mesenchymal transition and be differently regulated

Marker Company, clone Dilution Pretreatment Visualization
Brk Biosource 1:200 CC1mild UV/DAB
CdC42 Santa Cruz 1:50 MW6,0 ENV/DAB
Connexin 43/GJA1 Novusbio 1:500 CC1mild UV/DAB
CXCR1 Abcam 1:200 MW9,0 ENV/DAB
CXCR2 Abcam 1:200 MW9,0 ENV/DAB
CXCR4 Abcam 124824 1:500 retrievalDAKO WB HRB-DAB
Ecadherin Dako Ready to use high ph Omnis Flex
Ncadherin (5D5) Abcam 1:500 CC1mild UV/DAB
ERK1/2 p44/42MAPK Cell signaling 1:100 MW Tris ENV/DAB
Focal Adhesion kinase FAK Abcam 1:1000 MW6,0 ENV/DAB
Fascin 1 Chem 1:500 MW6,0 CM/AEC
Integrin-linked ILK phosphoS246 Abcam 1:100 CC1mild UV/DAB
Mad Novusbio 1:100 CC1mild UV/DAB
PI3K p110α Cell signaling 1:50 MW9,0 CM/AEC
PLCγ Abcam 1:100 MW9,0 ENV/DAB
Rab40B Proteintech 1:200 MW6,0 ENV/DAB
Rack1 Spring 1:100 CC1mild UV/DAB
RhoA Abcam 1:200 MW6,0 ENV/DAB
SARI/BATF2 (MGC20410) Novusbio 1:200 CC1mild UV/DAB
SAX Abcam 1:200 CC1mild UV/DAB
Slug Novusbio 1:100 CC1mild UV/DAB
SMARCA4/BRG1 Abcam 1:200 CC1mild UV/DAB
Snail Santa Cruz 1:50 MW6,0 ENV/AEC
pSRC phosphoS75 Abcam 1:100 CC1mild UV/DAB
TGF1β Santa Cruz 1:50 CC1mild UV/DAB
Tks5 Novusbio 1:75 MW6,0 ENV/DAB
Twist(10E4E6) Novusbio 1:50 MW6,0 ENV/DAB
Vim Dako Ready to use low ph Omnis Flex
YAP phospho127 Abcam 1:300 CC1mild UV/DAB
ZEB1/ARBE6 Abcam 1:200 CC1mild UV/DAB
ZFPL1 Abcam 1:200 CC1mild UV/DAB