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Fig. 3

From: Interleukin 8 is a biomarker of telomerase inhibition in cancer cells

Fig. 3

Telomerase inhibition suppresses cancer cell viability. a Cell viability was measured by MTT assay. Relative cell viability is plotted in 2 weeks imetelstat treated cells in comparison to control mismatch oligonucleotide treated cells for the shown cell lines. b Indicated cell lines were treated with mismatch oligonucleotide or imetelstat for 6 weeks and stained with crystal violet. Representative wells are shown. c HCT116, OVCAR5 and COLO205 cells were injected subcutaneously in athymic nude mice. These were either treated with either mismatch oligonucleotide or imetelstat for 4 weeks. Average tumor volumes for indicated cell lines after 4 weeks of treatment are shown. Error bar shows Standard Error Mean (SEM). ** represents p < 0.001

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