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Table 1 Clinical details relating to the PMOL and OSCC cell lines used in the project. All patients (except B22, unknown status), were smokers. The primary site for B22 was the lateral tongue

From: Targeting HOX-PBX interactions causes death in oral potentially malignant and squamous carcinoma cells but not normal oral keratinocytes

Cell line Age/Gender Site Histology Stage (pTNM)
B16 48 M Lateral tongue SCC T2 N0 M0
B22 88 M Lymph node metastasis SCC T4 N3 M0
B56 59 F Lateral tongue SCC T4 N1 M0
T5 59 F Buccal mucosa SCC T2 N2 M0
D19 53 M Lateral tongue leukoplakia Severe dysplasia N/A
D35 68 M Lateral tongue erythro-leukoplakia Severe dysplasia N/A
  1. SCC Squamous cell carcinoma