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Table 3 Significantly up and downregulated hallmark pathways for breast cancer subtypes and statistical significance of the overlap with those found for PRA transgenics

From: Gene expression profile and cancer-associated pathways linked to progesterone receptor isoform a (PRA) predominance in transgenic mouse mammary glands

  Number of significant pathways in the set (out of 50 total) Number of overlapping pathways P value
Upregulated PRA Transgenic 8  
Luminal A 10 3 0.188
Luminal B 15 5 0.043
Downregulated PRA Transgenic 19  
Luminal A 28 16 0.002
Luminal B 24 15 7.10E-04
  1. Bolded values indicate statistically significant overlap (i.e., p-value < 0.05)