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Table 5 BRCA2 variants of unknown significance (VUS)

From: Hereditary breast and ovarian cancer in Andalusian families: a genetic population study

Gene c.DNA (HGVS) Prot. (HGVS) Variant Type Clinical data
BRCA2 c.5836 T > C p.Ser1946Pro Misssense Two cases of Breast Cancer (BC), one bilateral before 40
BRCA2 c.6323G > T p.Arg2108Leu Misssense One case of BC before 30 and three cases of prostate cancer
BRCA2 c.9501 + 3A > T IVS25 + 3A > T Splice site One case of Triple negative BC before 40
BRCA2 c.8022_8030delGATAATGGA p.Lys2674Lysdel IFD Two cases of BC before 50
BRCA2 c.10186A > C p.Ser3396Arg Misssense Two cases of BC before 50