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Fig. 1

From: GMDS knockdown impairs cell proliferation and survival in human lung adenocarcinoma

Fig. 1

GMDS expression levels in human lung adenocarcinoma tissues and cells. a GMDS mRNA level in human lung adenocarcinoma tissues and adjacent normal tissues. Fifty seven paired lung adenocarcinoma samples in TCGA were used (**, p < 0.01). b Kaplan-Meier relapse-free survival curves in lung adenocarcinoma patients stratified by GMDS expression level (p = 0.013). c Quantified GMDS protein level in 75 paired lung adenocarcinoma samples examined by Immunohistochemistry (**, p < 0.01). d Representative images of GMDS IHC staining in human lung adenocarcinoma and adjacent normal tissues. (Magnification, left is × 20, right is × 100). e GMDS protein level in different cell lines including BEAS-2B (1), MRC-5 (2), HEK-293 (3), A549 (4), H1299 (5), SPC-A-1 (6). A59, H1299 and SPC-A-1 are all human lung adenocarcinoma cell lines

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