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Table 5 Multivariate analysis of factors affecting RFS of patients with adjuvant therapy

From: KIBRA; a novel biomarker predicting recurrence free survival of breast cancer patients receiving adjuvant therapy

Clinico-pathological feature Chemotherapy Endocrine therapy
  p value HR and CI p value HR and CI
Nottingham grade    0.035 9.234 (1.169–72.967)a
Her2 over-expression    0.012 3.957 (1.351–11.587)
KIBRA-low 0.019 1.591 (1.078–2.349) 0.009 3.271 (1.336–8.008)
Lymph node stage 0.001b   
Molecular subtypes 0.018b   
  1. p significance, HR hazard ratio, CI confidence interval, HER2 human epidermal growth factor receptor2; KIBRA-low; low expression of KIBRA in both cytoplasm and nucleus; ER, estrogen receptor; aSignificant only for the Nottingham grade 3; bsignificant for all lymph node stages and all molecular subtypes except luminal A