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Table 1 Patients’ characteristics

From: Risk factors for esophageal fistula in thoracic esophageal squamous cell carcinoma invading adjacent organs treated with definitive chemoradiotherapy: a monocentric case-control study

Characteristics Number of patients (N = 116)
Median age (range), years 65 (41–80)
Sex, male 102
ECOG PS 0/1 77/39
Location of primary lesion Ut/Mt./Lt 46/66/4
Median tumor size (range)a, mm 70 (12–200)
Total circumferential lesion 60
Esophageal stenosis 74
Invading adjacent organs  
 Aorta 54
 Trachea or bronchus 92
Macroscopic type  
 Ulcerative type 113
WBC ≥ 10,000/μL 15
Hb < 12 g/dL 19
Alb < 3.5 g/dL 7
CRP ≥ 1.00 mg/dLb 48
  1. Abbreviations: ECOG eastern cooperative oncology group, PS performance status, Ut upper thoracic esophagus, Mt. middle thoracic esophagus, Lt lower thoracic esophagus, WBC white blood cell, Hb hemoglobin, Alb albumin, CRP C reactive protein
  2. aData missing for one patient
  3. bData missing for two patients