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Fig. 3

From: γ-Tocotrienol induces apoptosis in pancreatic cancer cells by upregulation of ceramide synthesis and modulation of sphingolipid transport

Fig. 3

Analysis of the effect of GT3 treatment on cellular levels of ceramide,

dihydroceramide, and sphingomyelin. A. LC/MS analysis of sphingolipids present in the

plasma membrane for ceramides (a), dihydroceramides (b), and sphingomyelin (c), in MIA Paca-2, and HPDE-E6E7 cells treated with dissolution vehicle (control) or 40 μMGT3. Results are shown as pmol of each indicated sphingolipid / mg of protein in the sample analyzed. The values shown are the averages ± standard deviations obtained from three independent

experiments. * p <0.05, significant difference between control and GT3 treated cells

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